The reality is, there's often a lot of confusion about Easter.

It doesn't come with all the pomp of Christmas, so we don't always get the narrative refresher that we do in December. Plus, lately there have been a lot of ideas swirling around (and perhaps deservedly so) about what true Christianity is and what Christians really stand for. Mix in a big bunny who delivers colorful eggs, and you've got a recipe for uncertainty.

At Peace Church, we believe that Easter, first and foremost, is about the hope of mercy and life that drowns out evil and death. On Easter Sunday, the most miraculous and significant event in all of history occurred: Jesus conquered the grave, and made a way for us to become more than conquerors with him.

We hope you'll join us this Easter to celebrate the good news of who Jesus is and what he's accomplished. We think it's essential for all people to deeply consider the implications of Easter, and we want to be a resource and encouragement to you as you do so.

Plan your visit using the service schedule below. If you’d like more information about our church, check out the New to Peace and About sections of our site. You can use the form at the bottom of this page to contact us directly.

April 10: Good Friday

7pm - Worship Service 

April 12: Easter Sunday

6:30am - Sunrise Service**

7:30am - Sunrise Service Breakfast

8:30 & 11am - Worship Services*

No Sunday School Today

*Childcare provided for preschool through second grade.

**Please note that our sunrise service will be held outdoors, weather permitting. You may want to dress warmly or bring a blanket. No childcare will be available for this service.


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