Sunday, Outdoor Worship Service - 8:30 am
We strongly encourage you to consider wearing a mask. We will have seats placed at six-foot intervals and more chairs will be available for you to set up for yourself. We will have welcome tables with hand sanitizer and bulletins, as well as, instructions for seating and restroom use. If we cancel, it will be by 5 pm on Saturday and you will receive an email shortly after that. 


Sunday, Indoor Worship Service - 11 am
This Sunday we will have a small Indoor Worship Service at 11 am.  Only 40 people may attend, so signing up is important. If you feel comfortable in coming and would like to attend while complying with the precautions noted on the Signup Genius, please sign up by clicking here.  

Sunday, Livestream - 11 am
Please join us for our Livestream worship service at 11 am at PeacePCA or here.  The bulletin with lyrics can be viewed or downloaded here. If you have children at home, please print the Children's Sermon Notes to help them worship.

We want to pray for you.  Our pastors and staff gather each week to pray and want to know how we can pray for you and your family.  Please take a few minutes to fill out the prayer card (small or big prayers) here

Prayer Vigil, July 31 –August 1
Mark your calendars– details to come.

Playground Construction Plans
Peace Church leadership is excited to inform our members of a soon-to-begin construction project that will significantly improve and update our toddler playground facilities.  Last fall, Peace Church was approached by an anonymous donor who graciously offered to fully fund the construction of the playground project conceived during the Vision campaign. That donation was accepted and over the last half-year the design, surveying, and application for permitting have been completed. While the timeline for this project remains uncertain due to Covid, our hope is that construction can start later this summer. As soon as final construction drawings are available they will be posted for members to study. Please direct any questions you may have to Todd Blonshine in the church office. 

“One Another” Summer Sunday School Series - THIS WEEK - "Be Hospitable" by Steve West
Our new Summer Sunday School Series, “One Another” continues. Various leaders of the church will be sharing from “One Another” passages throughout the summer. Go to here to view the classes.
Peace Church Media Page on Website

Did you know that there is a place where you can view or hear all the sermons, conferences, Sunday School classes, and more? Please check here. We continue to update this page every week.

Peace Texting
With so much of the world using texting to communicate, Peace Church decided to join in to help members and guests connect with us.  Please let us know if you are attending or have a prayer request.  (FYI, a shorter form has been created since last week.)

Text ATTEND to 919-444-8230 
(Register that you attended our Worship Service)

Text PRAY to 919-444-8230 
(Prayer Requests - please let us know if private or for Peaceline.)

Text JOIN to 919-444-8230 
(To be added for our text announcements.)

COVID-19 positive test
The Indoor Worship Service Planning Team wanted to make you aware of our new confidential form on our website for reporting your positive COVID diagnosis. The form goes to two elders and one deacon only. If you are diagnosed with COVID-19, please fill out this form so that we can take appropriate action.  Your identity will be kept private, and your disclosure may enable us to consider additional sanitizing and communications to affected persons. As always, any person with respiratory symptoms (fever, cough, difficulty breathing) is asked to remain at home and seek medical advice/treatment.