Peace Campus CLOSED
To ensure the safety of our Peace family, the Session has decided to cancel all services and activities indefinitely on the Peace Campus. The Session has also encouraged the staff to work from home as much as possible. All updates concerning the coronavirus and caring for our church body are posted here.

Lead Pastor Search Committee Update

Please go here to read the latest updates from the Lead Pastor Search Committee.

Palm Sunday Activity
To celebrate Palm Sunday with your children.  Follow the instructions for creating your own palms here. Have fun with your kids (or adults) and made the palms to worship by waving them this Sunday during our service. 

Easter Activities
Take this time to do some activities with your children that can allow them to know the TRUTH about Easter.  Below are a few activities (if you have some other great ideas please send them to Andrea or Alisa).

Resurrection Garden 
If you don't have all the items, improvise and use what you have!

Easter Egg Hunt with THE STORY
You can have an egg hunt and/or use this for your kids to tell the story of Easter to the family on Easter day! (Show it virtually with all your family/friends to share the Gospel.)

Photos of Worship & Peace Activities
Please share your photos of Worship & Sunday School, reading with Alisa on YouTube, at-home activities or other ways you are connecting with other members at Peace during this time.  Send them to Andrea so we can share it with others. 

Family & Friends Seminar
The Family & Friends Seminar that was planned for April will be coming in September 2020. Peace Church will join with WakeNAMI to help you and others learn more about how to communicate, support, and connect with someone with mental health issues.  This is a free seminar for the entire community.

Sunday Worship Livestream at 10 am!

Please join us for our livestream worship service at 10 am on YouTube at PeacePCA or here.  We hope we have resolved the issues on our website, but if you aren’t able to view the livestream there on Sunday, please go to our YouTube channel, PeacePCA.

Sunday Worship Bulletin
Please click on the buttons above for a printable version of the bulletin and announcements. FYI, you may always go here to view the order of worship which is in our weekly bulletin.

Sunday School & Book Readings
We are thankful for our Sunday School teachers, Todd & Alisa, who continue to teach virtually.  All Sunday School lessons are on our YouTube Channel, PeacePCA, or here. In addition to the Sunday School lessons, enjoy "Tales That Tell the Truth" being read by Alisa. 

Good Friday Service
Our Good Friday service will be livestreamed at 8pm on Friday, April 10. Please join us to worship on YouTube at PeacePCA or here.

Easter Sunday Service
Mike Ross will be delivering our Easter service from Ohio. It will be pre-recorded and uploaded by10am on Easter Sunday, April 12 on YouTube at PeacePCA or here.

Worship at home with a sunrise service for you and your family.  An order of worship is here to follow.

As we virtually gather for worship, be encouraged to continue to worship the Lord with cheerful and regular giving of tithes and offerings.  You can give electronically or by mail: Peace Church, P.O. Box 518, Cary, NC 27512-0518.  Instructions for online giving are here.  Also, you may drop off checks at church (if the staff is there) or put in church mailbox which is LOCKED and secure.  If you have any questions, please contact Todd.

Worship at Home
During this time pastors, elders, and others will be posting ways to worship at home. Please go to worship personally, as a family, as a community group (via the internet, etc), or how you see fit to worship with others.

Prayer Requests

During this time of uncertainty we want to pray for you. Please send in your prayer requests virtually since you aren't able to fill out the prayer cards in the back of the pews. 

  • Peace PrayerLine Request (sent to entire church family)
    Go to our website, (or)
    Email the Secretary, during weekly business hours (or)
    Email Cheryl Somerville for coverage at night and off-hours
  • Confidential Prayer Request 
    Click here  - this will go to the church secretary and be distributed to elders, deacons, Comfort and Care leaders, and staff as appropriate. (The staff is still coming together to pray for you each week.)
  • Private Prayer Requests
    If you prefer, you can certainly send a private prayer request to our pastors, Doug or Ken.

YouTube - PeacePCA
The easiest way to view our livestream is to subscribe (Do this NOW!) to our YouTube account (Search for PeacePCA at YouTube). If you are active (visiting once a week) and subscribe you will get notifications as soon as we go live. (Click here to find out how to make a YouTube account.) We also have a link to our account on our website.

Do YOU need HELP?
We want to minister to those in our body of Christ and in our community - please go here to sign up for help (technology help, buying groceries or medicine, phone calls, childcare, financial assistance, or other needs.) So many want to help but very few are asking for help and allowing to be ministered to.  Please don't hesitate to ask for help we are here for YOU.

Encouragement from Peace Blog
Visit our most recent blog post by Ann Ayers for encouragement to hope rather than fear. 

Loving Cary & Our Community
Let Andrea know if you have ideas about ways our church members can love Cary during this time.

Family & Friends Seminar
The Family & Friends Seminar that was planned for April will be coming in September 2020. Peace Church will join with WakeNAMI to help you and others learn more about how to communicate, support, and connect with someone with mental health issues.  This is a free seminar for the community.

Peace Youth
Even though we are practicing social distancing, we are still finding ways for us to continue to connect. Below are some of the ways we are doing this. 

  • Youth Group - Sundays via Zoom, 7-8:30pm
    Meeting Link
    Meeting ID: 357-879-612
    Meeting Password:
    contact Eric or Lauren

  • High School Bible Study - Wednesdays via Zoom, 3:30-5pm
    Meeting Link
    Meeting ID: 104-745-798
    Meeting Password: contact Eric or Lauren
  • Middle School Bible Study - Thursdays via Zoom, 3:30-5pm
    Meeting Link
    Meeting ID: 179-500-480
    Meeting Password: contact Eric or Lauren
  • Stay Active Challenge 
    We mentioned this at youth group but we want to invite you all to be part of our Stay Active Challenge. We challenge all of you to be active at least 30 minutes every day. Whether it is going for a walk, bike riding, yoga at home, cleaning your room, etc. we want to stay active during this time. Please send us your pictures/videos of ways that you have been active using the hashtag #stayactivechallenge. We will repost to instagram stories or maybe give shoutouts via emails. Let's all stay active together! 
  • Daily Devotions
    Daily devotion will be sent out as a way to share what God has been teaching us in his Word (Monday thru Friday).
  • Peace Youth Instagram
    The Peace Youth Instagram page will be very active so follow us @peacechurch_youth so you can keep up with what's going on, participate in some fun games, and hear Lauren and I share the Daily Devotions.

Please contact Eric or Lauren for more information.

Checks Written to Peace
Please check the backs of your 2019 mailed, cashed checks to make sure they are endorsed by Peace. If not, please notify Marta Bowser. A reminder:  only the mailed checks were affected. Also, if your bank sends your checks, please alert them to our address change:   Peace Church, P.O. Box 518, Cary, NC 27512-0518.